January 27, 2016

Video surveillance integration

The U-Prox IP Access Control System is integrated with DVRs and NVRs from Teksar, Dahua and Hikvision, DVRs from Pinetron and Partizan and VSS from LINE.

Contact us if you require integration with other vendor’s DVRs, NVRs and Video Surveillance Servers.


This integration allows the association of any ACS event with a video sequence recorded by a supported DVR, NVR or Video Surveillance Server

  • Retrieves video associated with events
  • Displays a window, containing information about the current event, including video from a camera and photo of a card user
  • Archives and synchronizes video sequences from DVR with access event log


Advantages of U-Prox video integration:

  • Live video from any access point on access for video verification
  • Live video from the place of alarm event for instant response of guard
  • Smart video archive reply based on ACS events


Exampe 1: U-Prox IP integration  with NVR or video surveillance software and IP cameras



Exampe 2: U-Prox IP integration  with DVR and analogue cameras