December 12, 2015


Multipurpose access control panels

A full-featured device with modern communication – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Supports smartphones as an identifier.

Can be configured over Bluetooth for working in stand-alone mode or can work with U-Prox IP software (as a part of wireless locks system).

Wireless Locks System

An a­ll-in-one: reader, controller and electronic lock

The entire mechanism is incorporated in a pair of door escutcheons. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and communicates wirelessly with the U-Prox IC L network controller. It can be mounted on any type of door from 38-59mm wide. It is specially designed to accommodate the 3570 and 3580 series of Australian Lockwood™ Mortise Locks, and can be retrofitted in just 10 minutes. It is compatible with all U-Prox IP door and elevator controllers and utilises a high security range of card technologies.

IP Network Access Management

U-Prox access control panels are designed to work with any computer network, both wired and wireless Our proprietary security technology provides reliable and secure connection in a local network or via the Internet, permitting the creation of extremely secure distributed access control systems.

Global Antipassback Control

Hardware solution integrates over a computer network access controllers in a single system for tracking the movement of facility staff (from room to room – from zone to zone) and the detection of violations, such as the second pass, using duplicate cards, intrusion (sudden appearance inside), transmitting an identifier to others, etc

Elevator Control

Provides access to a nominated floor in accordance with the right allocated to a credential or PIN thru transmitting advice to the Access Control System. This restricts access to the floor by activating only the nominated button on the selection panel in the elevator.


RF ID Readers

U-Prox have developed a wide selection of wireless RF ID readers. This includes ASK, FSK readers as well as ISO14443A standard readers. Our readers are believed to be unique in their combination of support for multi-standard tag reading and a wide variety of interfaces.

U-Prox Keypad MF, U-Prox mini MF support Mifare , Mifare® Standard, Mifare® Hi-Memory, Mifare® Ultralight, Mifare® Classic 1K, Mifare® Classic 4K, Mifare® Classic 7UID, Mifare® DESFire.

MF readers support a mode in which they read out only the code of the identifier with specially encrypted sectors