U-Prox IC E


Intelligent Elevator Control Panel

  • Provides access to the floor in accordance with the rights of the presented credential
  • Ready for the next credential immediately after selecting permitted floor on the elevator panel
  • Sends events to the ACS for access to the floor when user clicks on the selection panel floor in an elevator
  • Allows access to the floor via operator override control, and by means of fault (short circuit) loop from the U-Prox RM module
  • Deactivates the ACS panel controlling an elevator in case of emergency situations:
    • Failure of the main control module U-Prox IC-E
    • Failure or lack of power to the relay module U-Prox RM
    • Emergency input activation on the relay module U-Prox RM
    • By the manual operation / override of the Access Control System


  • 32 000 tags
  • Data communication: Ethernet – 100Mb
  • Up to 32 floors
  • RS-485 interface for U-Prox RM relay modules, U-Prox WRS485 interface convertors and U-Prox Mini 485 readers
  • Up to 4 U-Prox RM relay modules may be connected
  • U-Prox WRS485 interface converter or U-Prox mini 485 reader
  • Isolated Ethernet port, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
  • Power: 12V DC