U-Prox IC A

Intelligent central control panel used to join isolated access points into virtual door groups. Intended for management of global antipassback.U-Prox-box-25

Suppresses pass back of credentials, use of duplicate credentials and transfer of the credential to another person.

Generates real time alerts/reports identifying locations of Access Control Server and U-Prox IC A module for rapid intervention.

  • 32 000 tags
  • Manages up to 250 control panels
  • Up to 32 independent virtual door groups
  • Data communication (Ethernet 100Mb) with U-Prox IP100, U-Prox IP400 and U-Prox IP500 (Smart Handle)
  • Power supply: PoE Class 1 or USB 5V (micro B )
  • Network settings adjustment:
    • Auto-configuration via LAN
    • or
    • Via USB micro B